Our Platform

Perfecting the Delivery Experience

Airmee’s smart platform is built on several years of world-leading research at the Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden and employs machine-learning technologies and AI algorithms​ developed in-house to fully optimize logistics and provide the best delivery experience in the world. A system that is built to scale from day one. Our technology-driven fleet of couriers and drivers allows us to provide businesses and individuals with an urban logistics platform that ensures convenience, reliability, flexibility and transparency.

Our platform is flexible and can be used by retailers, logistics providers and other businesses with logistics flows to ensure efficient operations at a low cost. Airmee lowers the carbon footprint and provides a solution to the economical and environmental challenges cities face in regards to the ever-increasing transportation of people and goods.

Optimized routes

Routes are optimized in real-time to ensure minimum travel distance and maximize vehicle capacity

Supply analytics

The optimal routes and vehicles for delivery are prepared for all types of goods, including small, bulky, refrigerated and returns

Real-time dashboards

Unmatched delivery experience through real-time updates across all interfaces to provide transparency and predictability for businesses and consumers

User-friendly interface

Clean and user-friendly interfaces for maximum transparency and control for both customers, e-merchants, businesses and carriers

Power your logistics business with state-of-the-art technology

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