PRESSMEDDELANDE - Monday, March 14, 2022

Airmee support those affected by war in Ukraine, Syria, Yemen and Afghanistan.

As the world is witnessing the horrific and illegal Russian invasion of Ukraine, we are reminded once again of the horrors of war and the seemingly hopeless situation for millions of refugees.

Airmee is a diverse organization with people from around the world of whom many have been directly or indirectly affected by war. In fact, Airmee like many other start-ups in Sweden would not have been founded and be able to operate if Sweden hadn't accepted immigrants from all over the world. Any conflict around the world therefore hits extra close to home for us.

As many, we've explored different options on how we can help. As a startup, a few years in on our journey, we have limited options and a focus to wisely invest in growth and profitability.

To us, the conflict in Ukraine highlights the fact that many parts of our world still in 2022 are devastated by the outdated concept of war. Currently, there are about 40 ongoing armed conflicts around the world and over 25 million refugees, half of whom are children. It's an unsustainable situation not just for the human collective but also for the precious environment we're so dependent on.

Airmee's founders have therefore decided to forego their full salaries for one month and several other people in the company part of their salaries and donate the money (approx. 250,000 SEK) to those affected by war in Ukraine, Syria, Yemen and Afghanistan. The money, where possible, will be directed to local organizations working on the ground to ensure as much of the money reaches those in need. It's a very small contribution, and holds little significance in itself. However, it's part of our continuing efforts to build a company that takes on a larger social responsibility as we grow for those that work in the company, our partners and the communities we operate in.

We hope we all can do our part to condemn illegal invasions, promote restraint and de-escalation in ongoing conflicts and help those in need. After all, we all share this one planet that must be safer and cleaner.

Airmee är ett tillväxtbolag inom logistik som optimerar logistikflottor i realtid med ny egenutvecklad teknologi och maskinlärning baserad på flera års forskning på KTH. Teknologin möjliggör snabba och flexibla sista-milen leveranser och ett högre utnyttjande av fordonskapacitet vilket reducerar antalet fordon och utsläpp i städer. Airmee lanserade 2018 och levererar idag för hundratals e-handlare i Sverige.

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