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Airmee’s delivery service was exclusively designed to revolutionize last mile package delivery and returns – making last mile, same day and express delivery within 1-2 hours affordable, predictable, and flexible.

With Airmee, your customers gain choice and convenience. You gain sales, customer loyalty and a competitive edge while reducing costs.

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Built into your

We've made integration into your online and mobile checkout as simple and seamless as possible. Your IT team will appreciate that our API uses RESTful principles and resource oriented URLs for our web services integration.

Alternatively we offer an in store option where no integration is needed. Delivery orders can be placed quickly and easily from our web-based dashboard.

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Delivery When
You Want It

Your customers expect to be able to get items when and where they want them. We meet that expectation. Airmee also offers easy scheduling from our dashboard. Select a specific delivery time to ensure our couriers deliver exactly when you want.

Want it delivered ASAP? No problem.
Want it delivered tonight? No problem.

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Reduce Packaging Costs

Cheaper for the retailer. Better delivery experience for the consumer. Friendly to the environment.

With our delivery service, less packaging is required. No industrial sorting warehouse, no damaged items, no lost items. Just your product in your branded shopping bag.

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How it works

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Choose Time

Customer shops on a retailer’s website and selects the delivery time at checkout.

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Your package mile by mile directly on your hand.

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Share your experience with us, it will make our service better!

Meet our couriers

Airmee couriers have all been hand selected and screened to ensure the highest quality service.
At 4.97 in average rating from our customers we are happy, but far from satisfied.
As long as there is room to improve, we will strive for deliver excellence.

Highly Rated

After each delivery, customers are invited to rate couriers in order to ensure the best delivery experience possible for each and every delivery.

4.97 average ratings
from our customers

Customer First Focus

At Airmee we know that ground-breaking technology isn’t everything. Minor mishaps are part of everyday logistics, but we simply solve it.