About Us


Launched in Stockholm, Sweden 2018 based on an idea and vision by founder and CEO Julian Lee, Airmee has transformed last-mile delivery and set a new standard; consumer-focused, environmentally sustainable and fast.

With a technological platform built on several years of research and operational expertise, Airmee serves e-commerce merchants and businesses with fast and convenient deliveries.

And this is where we are today:

  • 100's of happy e-commerce merchants
  • 30+ cities
  • >10 million deliveries completed

Airmee in numbers


delivery precision +/- 15 minutes


delivery at first attempt


exceptional customer satisfaction




carbon net-zero deliveries

Work at Airmee

We're building products and services that people use every day. By moving goods from A to B every day same day or as fast as within an hour, the work we do helps shape how people live and how cities are built.

Our work means that we have to solve some of the biggest and most important problems facing cities today. How can everyone and everything move freely, quickly and conveniently at a low cost to both the individual and the society. We try to do this by leveraging our research-based technology and combining it with world-class user interfaces and operational excellence.

And doing this we have recruited a world-class team. Our team consists of people from across the globe, all with different skills and know-how joined together in the mission to transform how things move.

We’re always looking for talented and driven people that share our passion to do things differently and disrupt the logistics industry. Airmee is an equal opportunity workplace and we welcome people from all backgrounds. We’re committed to promoting a diverse and inclusive workplace.

Are you looking for a change and new challenges?

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